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Schiehallion (She-haal-ee-on)

Scottish landscape

Schiehallion is a heather-covered mountain in the centre of Scotland, that is believed to be populated by the ‘little folk’. It’s Gaelic name is: Sìdh Chailleann, which means the ‘fairy hill of the Calendonians’; the Sìdh being the fairy folk in Scottish folklore. Its symmetrical shape led to it being the place that the weight of the world was first measured in 1774.

Our luxurious Schiehallion soap invites you to pamper yourself with a little natural magic. Like the mountain, the soap has a symmetrical top, with a scattering of Scottish heather. The scent is evocative of the fresh wind through heather.

As with all our soaps, these naturally luxurious, cold-process soaps are handmade in small batches, with skin-loving oils and ultra-moisturising Shea Butter. They are scented only with plants, and coloured only by plants and the earth.

Schiehallion Soap