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Alba Rose (Ah-li-ba Rose)

Alba Rose translates as wild Scottish roses. The white rose was a symbol of the Jacobites, who supported Bonnie Prince Charlie’s (ultimately unsuccessful) attempt to reclaim the throne of Scotland. Jacobite sympathisers would add a six petalled white rose (the flower only has five petals) to glasses and other decorative items to show solidarity with the Jacobite cause. Alba is also the Gaelic name for Scotland.

Our luxurious Alba Rose soap invites you to imagine early morning mists in a Scottish glen, drops of dew on white petals, suffused sunshine… The soaps features green clay for a soothing cleanse and hand-piped soap roses and have a scent, evocative of a wild Scottish rose on a summer morning.

Alba Rose soap

Alba Rose soap

  • Photo credit: Roses. Photo by Erik Christensen on Unsplash
  • Photo credit: Green clay and Alba Rose soaps. Photos by Grá