Sassenach (Sass-eh-nach)

Sassenach is the Gaelic name for someone from south of the Scottish Highlands. From this perspective, looking north a Sassenach would see layer upon layer of hills in the Scottish Highlands and dramatic sunsets over this wild and secret land. Recently the name has been made popular by the TV series Outlander, where Jamie Fraser uses the terms Sassenach as a term of endearment for his time-travelling English wife.

Our fresh and sensual Sassenach soap invites you to take a journey into the sunset, to the mountains and secrets of the wild north. Made with an alkannet root infusion and rose clay it will provide a gentle cleanse. The scent is evocative of the cool wind through mountain flowers.

Sassenach soap

  • Photo credit: Scotland. Photo by Chris Flexen on Unsplash
  • Photo credit: Rose clay and Sassenach soap. Photos by Grá