We love sea turtles…

…and our planet generally, so we take a biodegradable-first approach to our packaging. In 2017, the Royal Statistical Society in collaboration with National Geographic found that only 9% of the plastic ever created has been recycled and the rest often ends up in the stomachs of animals, birds and marine life. For this reason we don’t use plastic in our packaging and believe the best way for us to help protect the evironment is to make as much of our packaging as possible, biodegradable or reusable.


We have put a lot of thought into the packaging for our products to achieve a balance between function, form and sustainability. We are always trying to improve, and are committed to doing the best we can to respect and protect the planet.

  • We take a biodegradable-first approach
  • Where we can’t use biodegradable packaging, we use glass / cork / aluminium containers, which you can re-use. Glass and aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, unlike plastic. Cork is biodegradable
  • The labels, paper and tissue paper we use are made from recycled paper
  • The natural Kraft card in our product and postal boxes is made from 100%, or a high percentage of, recycled materials
  • The cellophane film bags, wrappers and stickers we use are biodegradeable and made from plants
  • Our paper filler and wood wool come from sustainable sources
  • The raffia ribbon we use to tie our gift boxes is a sustainable product made by stripping limited amounts of the bark of the raffia palm tree. Harvesting is limited each year to allow the branches to regrow before the start of the next harvest
  • The tape we use to secure our postal boxes is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable